The Republic of Joe Air Force, also known as the R.O.J.A.F, is, as the name implies, the air force used by the Republic of Joe. In service for many years, the R.O.J.A.F. has a wide variety of equipment in use, and is always performing training missions to improve in every aspect possible. It is divided into two sub-variants: Defensive and Offensive.


The main job of the Defensive sector is to keep the skies safe from any danger that might present itself.


The Offensive sector is tasked with maintaining air superiority in hostile environments.


Roughly 500 hours in simulator training, and about a year of school studies in piloting is required to become a pilot in the R.O.J.A.F.

Aircraft in UseEdit

The RoJ air froce is unique in that it allows its pilots to choose their planes of preferance. As a result, most squadrons have different aircraft in them.