The industrial sector of the Republic of Joe. The industrial sector is responsible for producing all items needed for everyday life, such as food, automobiles, and medical ingrediants. It divides into three sub-variants, Farm, Factory, and Medical.


Responsible for feeding the Republic of Joe's followers, the Farm sector divides into four groups. Each group is named after a food group, for easy identification.


Farming only wheat products, and produces a plentiful amount on a regular basis.

Meat and Poultry:Edit

Raises and slaughters animals for meat and poultry. Usually makes enough for export, along with enough for the RoJ itself.


Responsible for all dairy products.

Fruit and Vegitables:Edit

Makes every kid's nightmare come true. This sector makes fruit and vegitables.


Manufactures all general items in the Republic of Joe. Currently, it is the only sector to not have a sub-variant.


The medical sector of the Republic of Joe. It's job is to care for all injuries, no matter how bad, and does so with pride. It divides into three sub-variants: Severe, General injuries, and Research.


For the worst injuries, imidiate care is needed. That's the job of this group.


For the everyday injury needing help.


Learning to improve for the better, and always trying to better themselves in every way.